I Will Manage Your Google Ads For 1 Month


I Will Manage Your Google Ads For 1 Month.

✅ Setup Google Ads Campaign.
✅ Enhance Ads with Sitelink Extension, Callout Extension, Location Extension, Call Extension and Much More.
✅ Do Keyword Research & Optimizations To Get Best ROI.
✅ Negative keyword Implementations To Stop Wasting Your Budget On Wrong Keywords.
✅ Demographic Audience Research.
✅ Research Audience Related To Your Business To Get higher Engagement More Leads And Reduce Your Campaign cost.
✅ I Will Research your competitors previous ads to find best performing ads .
✅ Setup Advanced Tracking Parameter To Target Engaged Audience in Google Ads And understand audience exact behavior.
✅ Set Custom Conversion Tracking To Target Individual Events And Urls To Precise Audience Targeting.

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